Park Ave Day Care East Child Care Services in Fairport, NY

Top-Notch Preschool in Fairport, NY

You want a strong start when it comes to your child's education. Their earliest experiences in preschool in Fairport, NY, can define how they feel about learning environments for years to come. At Park Ave Day Care East, we focus on providing a positive environment where kids love to learn. By enrolling with us, you get the quality child care your young student deserves and an experience that helps them look forward to school. 

Combining passionate professionals with well-equipped facilities, we work to lay the foundations necessary for high performance in academics. Some of the things our preschool programs teach include: 

  • Good Classroom Behavior
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Core Concepts for Early Education

Working Together for Children 

We partner with parents to give each student the best possible start to their relationship with education. In school, each year builds on the lessons of the previous one, so giving kids the momentum they need to feel confident often makes a massive difference in how engaged they feel in class. That's why where they go for preschool matters so much.

 Think of it as setting the tone for learning in your child's life. We provide the structure necessary to understand how classroom environments work while still giving one-on-one attention while focusing on fun activities with each student. Contact our children's learning center today to learn more about our curriculum and environment.