Park Ave Day Care East Child Care Services in Fairport, NY

Welcome to Our Children's Early Development Center in Fairport, NY

Park Ave Day Care East is your partner in encouraging bright futures for young learners. At our children's early development center in Fairport, NY, we give kids the environment, resources, and care they need to get a strong start in academics, personal growth, and life. With a dedicated team of professionals and a broad range of curriculum spanning from preschool to age 12, we make it easy to give your child the level of support they need at some of the most important moments in their early development.

Our center delivers quality child care services by emphasizing well-rounded programs and a passion for helping each family we encounter. Whether you’re looking for a positive environment for school-age children or the right place to watch over your baby while you work, we provide an inviting option where every caregiver puts your child’s well-being first.

Perfect Programs For All Children

Here at Park Ave Day Care East, we know and celebrate the fact that every child is unique. Therefore, we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to childhood development. Depend on us to develop a strategy and approach that best complements your child’s personality and experience.

But it’s not just personality and disposition that make kids unique. Age is also an important determining factor when it comes to placing your child in the most appropriate program for his or her current abilities and skills. Our preschool programs, toddler programs, and infant programs in Fairfield, NY, cover materials and topics to help your child thrive regardless of age.

Creating Enthusiastic Students

We want to be more than a daycare center. In addition to eagle-eyed supervision and individual attention, our team works to make learning a positive experience for each child. Since we offer infant to adolescent child care, we understand the importance of making education something to look forward to. Our trained staff works to create opportunities for observation, engagement, and explanation. Call or visit our center for children today to learn more about the difference we can make in your young learner’s life.

Start the Conversation

We can’t wait to welcome your child to our daycare and early development center in Fairport, NY. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly and knowledgeable professionals to get the conversation started. We’ll be more than happy to tell you everything you need to know and answer your questions about our programs. Additionally, we’ll help you determine the most appropriate and beneficial program for your child. We’re available by phone or email to respond to your inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you soon.