Park Ave Day Care East Child Care Services in Fairport, NY

Child Care Services in Fairport, NY

Ignite a lifelong love of learning when you bring your child to a daycare provider that offers an individualized approach. Park Ave Day Care East is staffed by educators that understand that every child learns differently. Start a conversation with these teachers and learn more about our child care services in Fairport, NY.

Any effort to prepare your children for the start of Kindergarten must start at an early age. So bring them to a place that prepares them for life beyond preschool.

Learning is a Lifelong Affair

We go beyond the standard daycare with a suite of services that include daily care, emotional growth, and language development. Our team developed and implemented a curriculum that was designed to promote social interaction and mental acuity for every student.

Our Responsibility to Your Children

As children age, their world begins to expand, and they start engaging more with their surroundings. During this time, it’s essential to introduce them to new experiences. Our preschool programs teach children there is more to their world than just family and close relatives. Up until this point, they have mostly spent time with people they know. Child development programs introduce opportunities to celebrate their own and others’ accomplishments and work with their peers in a structured environment.

The educators at our school specialize in child development programs that encourage cooperation, self-reliance, and problem-solving skills. We use proven methods to help establish the foundations for a successful education that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Children need to learn critical skills to become exceptional adults. Our team of professional educators is ready to help them on that journey.

It takes experience, understanding, and a love of children to help mold the minds of the future. Parents trust us to take on this responsibility, and we treat it with the consideration it deserves. There is nothing more important to us than protecting your children and ensuring they have everything they need every moment they are with us.

Early Childhood Education Matters

Your child deserves a secure environment to learn and thrive, so we’ve heavily invested in security. But security is just one part of the approach we employ. The curriculum gives them the stimulation they need to fall in love with the process of learning. Each activity is designed to encourage knowledge retention and sustained emotional growth.

Schedule a visit with our educators today to learn more about all of our services. We are eager to show you how we emphasize developing habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.