Loving Care from a Reputable Child Care Facility in Fairport, NY

Child Care Facility in Fairport, NY

In providing quality child care, Park Ave Day Care East in Fairport, NY invests a considerable amount of time and resources establishing a secure and accessible child care facility. We are happy to say that your child is completely safe with us.

Safety Guidelines & Features

At Park Ave Day Care East, we make sure your children are safe from the moment they step into our child care facility until they leave our doors. We have security entrance key pads with codes for family and staff. Each day upon entering, you will be the one to bring your children straight to their classroom. You sign them in and out. Upon arrival, we encourage you to relay pertinent information to their teachers.

Trust Our Secure and Accessible Child Care Facility

As a parent, you want the best possible environment for your children any time you entrust their care to another person. Our team works to provide a secure and accessible child care facility in Fairport, NY, and that safety extends to every area of your children’s health. We offer care and supervision in a stable, nurturing environment that promotes development in areas like:

  • Social Interaction
  • Mental Acuity
  • Emotional Wellbeing

At our facility, every child receives personalized attention from professionals who strive to build healthy bonds and relationships that give our students a strong foundation for success as they mature. 

Our Focus on Security 

In today’s hectic and anxiety-filled world, providing safe care for your children when you’re away is as vital to your mental health as it is for theirs. As a child care facility with a secure entrance and a longstanding commitment to safety, we give you the haven you need to live confidently while your children are with us. 

We focus so heavily on security because we understand that the children in our care are precious lives that deserve the best possible protection, guidance, and education. By choosing us, you guarantee your children receive stress-free, safety-centered learning experiences from a staff that cares deeply about their wellbeing, just like you do. 

We ensure that our facility is a safe place for your children to learn and grow alongside a caring team of qualified professionals.

We proudly serve Fairport, NY, and the surrounding areas.

Contact us now in Fairport, New York, and let your baby get infant care from a trusted child care facility.