Park Ave Day Care East Child Care Services in Fairport, NY

Education & Day Care at Our Children's Learning Center in Fairport, NY

At Park Ave Day Care East, we offer more than daycare. Children from infancy to 12 years old receive care and are encouraged to learn and grow according to their age and abilities. Our children's learning center in Fairport, NY, offers age-appropriate teaching to the children in our care from infant to kindergartener to adolescent. 

Offering Age-Appropriate Learning

We recognize the needs of children differ depending on their age and other factors. We honor that in your child, which is why we work with each group according to their needs. Infants spend time in our nursery with trained teachers who provide opportunities for your baby to enjoy, observe, and explore a new world safely and comfortably. Toddlers learn to express themselves and develop a sense of independence.

And, those who soon will attend school have their needs met in our children's early development center. We have a curriculum that meets NAEYC standards. It focuses on development in 4 areas:

  • Social and Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Physical
  • Language Development

This approach prepares your youngsters for the world of school. We invite you to visit our day care and learning center and see for yourself.

Call the office to schedule a visit.


Our Mission

At Park Ave Day Care East, we encourage your children to become inquisitive individuals who can think on their own. We teach them to become independent and self-confident. This style of learning prepares them for life beyond preschool. With us, they learn at their own pace. More than anything else, we instill the right habits and attitudes so they may acquire a positive sense of being.